World's Most Robust Medical Equipment Maintenance Management Software

BME Assistor - A uniquely crafted powerful yet simple to use CMMS(Computerized Maintenance Management System) to manage and track medical equipments!


Elegant Design + Optimized Performance

Forget the age old software interfaces. BME Assistor brings in a new feel with its elegant and optimized design. It is a cloud application powered by high performance Solid State Drive(SSD) servers.

Track Equipment Life Cycle

Thought BME Assistor is just a management system that takes in the data you enter & displays them blindly? Well, it is more than just a data management tool. It is a complete life cycle management tool for your medical assets.

Maintenance Tracking

No more missing deadlines for proper maintenance of your equipments. BME Assistor helps you track Preventive Maintenance, Calibration and AMC/CMC, easily.

Drastic Productivity Booster

BME Assistor crunches the raw data to give you insights via meaningful visual elements that is otherwise hard to understand.

Service Analysis

Take service management of your medical equipments to a whole new level with the power and easiness of BME Assistor. Paperwork is a thing of past.

Multi-User Support

Manage multiple users who can use the software to manage the medical equipments. Collabratively manage the software and empover your bio-medical engineers.

Tasks Management

Manage tasks and requests for engineers from any remote location using a web browser..

Parts Inventory Management

Track every equipment parts in your stock and easily manage them with help of BME Assistor.

Mobile Solution

Now you can do the maintenance of equipment and track them easily from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Real Book File Viewing

BME Assistor takes your uploaded scanned files to prepare an optimized book, which is similar to a real life book wherein pages can be turned with a click. This offers a seamless file preview experience.

All-round Security

We take security of your data and files seriously and that is why we have employed the best in class security measures that ensure that your data is stored in secure cloud storage. Every block of sensitive data you save with BME Assistor, is encrypted individually using a unique key, prior to feeding them through the PBKDF2 for over 100 rounds of key generation.

Stunning Image Compression Technology

We are serious about performance and this is why BME Assistor comes with a sophisticated Image Compression Engine. This engine is not just an image optimization tool. It runs the images uploaded through a series of optimization tools to provide a compression in the range of 12% to 70%, all without losing the quality of the images.


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  • Helping Your Adhere To WHO & NABH

    BME Assistor helps you adhere to global standards. The World Health Organization(WHO) recommends the use of Computerized Maintenance Management System(CMMS), since 2011 in its technical report available at Additionally, BME Assistor also helps adhere to the NABH standard as well.

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